“City Hunter” Lee Min Ho Expresses Affection for Park Min Young Through Pororo Band-Aid!

City Hunter’s” Lee Min Ho showed his affection for Park Min Young by putting a Pororo Band-Aid on Park Min Young’s wounded cheek on yesterday’s episode of “City Hunter.”

Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) saved Na Na (Park Min Young) who was in danger during the moment Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong) was about to shoot his enemy Seo Yong Hak. Due to this incident, Na Na got wounded and Yoon Sung put on the Pororo Band-Aid for her, stating “Aren’t you a woman? Aren’t you even worried about getting a scar? I told you to get Band-Aids and put them on so you won’t get scars, remember? I understand that your face isn’t that attractive, but should you at least be giving it some care? I hate women who don’t know how to take care of themselves.”

Following Yoon Sung’s hurtful remarks, Na Na replied with an upset face, “Hey Lee Yoon Sung, whether I take care of myself or not, what does that have to do with you? There’s no reason for me to have to listen to what you say. And yes, I’m not as better off as you, so I don’t even have time or money to go buy Band-Aids. I’m about to go crazy with everything that’s going on right now.”

However, Na Na later met up with prosecutor Kim Young Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk). After seeing her scar, he went to the pharmacy and got her a Band-Aid that doesn’t leave scars. He removed Yoon Sung’s Pororo Band-Aid and puts his on her cheek.

Yoon Sung, who was observing this situation from afar, became seized with jealousy and threw away the same scar-healing Band-Aid which he had prepared for her. That night, Yoon Sung showed his feelings for Na Na by sending her a text message saying “Are you sleeping? Are you really sleeping? You look much better in the Pororo Band-Aid.”

Netizens who saw Lee Min Ho’s Pororo Band-Aid scene commented “I can’t believe Pororo Band-Aids appeared in a drama,” “Pororo Band-Aids also appeared in ‘The Greatest Love’ and it looks like hot-selling item,” “I’m envious of Lee Min Ho’s jealousy over the Band-Aids.”