“The Greatest Love’s” Dokko Jin Reenergizes with Passionate Kiss!

Cha Sung Won and Gong Hyo Jin shared a “Reenergizing Kiss” on yesterday’s episode of the popular rom-com “The Greatest Love.” In the episode, Gu Ae Jung (Gong Hyo Jin), who has been restraining her feelings for Dokko Jin (Cha Sung Won), opened up her heart after a long wait.

Although he has a life-and-death heart surgery coming up, Dokko Jin wasn’t able to ask Gu Ae Jung to be beside him and continued to fret about it on his own. Meanwhile, Gu Ae Jung decided to leave Dokko Jin after her agency’s CEO (Choi Hwa Jung) asked for her to persuade him about heading over to Hollywood.

Gu Ae Jung requested to Yoon Pil Joo (Yoon Gye Sang), “Please hold on to me so I don’t go back to Dokko Jin” and tried hard get him out of her mind. Dokko Jin, who was waiting for her in front of her house, shed tears after spotting Gu Ae Jung and Yoon Pil Joo, holding hands and going into her house together.

However, Gu Ae Jung changed her mind once she sees Dokko Jin’s text message and the photo of the potato that she gave him: “Hey Gu Ae Jung, the potato that you gave me grew this much. I heard that potato sprouts are poisonous, but I continued to take care of it and I think a flower might bloom. I’m broke right now so I can’t go grab. So this time, I want you to come. Please come and reenergize me so that I can continue to move.” Tears ran down her face as she apologized to Yoon Pil Joo, “I’m sorry for giving you a hard time.”

Gu Ae Jung went out to see Dokko Jin, who was exhausted from waiting and fell asleep in his car. Surprised to see her, Dokko Jin opened his car window, as Gu Ae Jung said, “Hey you mean, evil ***, Reenergize.” At last, the two shared a hot tearful “reenergizing kiss”!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, “The Greatest Love” topped the Wed-Thurs drama ratings chart once again with 18.4% on Wednesday. Meanwhile, SBS’s “City Hunter” and KBS’s “Romance Town” which are aired during the same time slot received 13.7% and 10.0%, respectively.