Kim Bum Soo to Release His 7th Official Album on the 16th

It seems like exceptional singer Kim Bum Soo will continue to enjoy his great deal of popularity from MBC’s “I Am a Singer” with the upcoming release of his new official 7th album “SOLISTA: Part 2” on the 16th. This new album is the second part of the two-part “SOLISTA” album series, which was first released last September. The new song “SOLISTA: Part 2” was composed and written by Yoon Il Sang (composer of Kim Bum Soo’s hit song “Miss You”) and Yoon Sara

According to a representative of Kim Bum Soo’s agency Polaris Entertainment, “While the ‘SOLISTA: Part 1’ album was more focused on presenting a new side of Kim Bum Soo through various collaborations with other popular artists such as Lee Seung Chul, Park Jin Young, Jung Yeop, in this ‘Part 2’ album we concentrated on accentuating Kim Bum Soo’s more mature and deepen voice tone.” 

Kim Bum Soo is currently enjoying a well-deserved second heyday due to his flawless performances in “I Am a Singer” which encompass various music genres such as R&B, Soul, and Rock. His new album, which features a total of seven tracks, will be released both online and offline on the 16th.