IU Emerges as ‘Figure Queen’ by Performing a Flawless Spiral

IU recently emerged as the ‘Figure Queen’ by successfully performing a spiral during the recent filming of SBS’s “Kiss and Cry.” Not only that, she even gave impressive performances of various moves and positions that require high-level techniques, such as gliding underneath her partner’s legs, receiving a storm of applause from the fellow contestants and production crew. 

IU was able to enjoy a remarkable improvement in her figure skating skills by practicing non-stop whenever she could find spare time out of her intense schedule, ever since finishing last among the ten contestants in the first performance of “Kiss and Cry.”

Fans have shown enthusiastic reactions such as, “Wow, she might emerge as the real ‘Figure Queen’,” “What is it that IU can’t do,” “IU is truly our ‘nation’s sister’ of this era.”

Meanwhile, viewers can find out whether IU will be able to fight her way out of last place in this round in the upcoming June 12th’s episode of “Kiss and Cry.”