Eric and Han Ye Seul Reveal New Drama Poster for "Spy Myung Wol"

The poster for Eric and Han Ye Seul’s upcoming KBS drama “Spy Myung Wol” has been released today. Eric, of the group Shinhwa, is seen wearing a funky jacket and white pants with sunglasses that fit the image of his mega-Kpop-star role “Kang Woo” in the drama. Han Ye Seul is holding Eric in her arms with a quirky smile, wearing a brown military-look jacket that gives a hint at her charming North Korean spy character “Myung Wol.”

“The ‘Kang Woo’ character has a lot of similarities to myself. The fact that he’s a pop celebrity that sings and acts, and especially his looks, are exactly like myself. But in real life, I don’t think I’m as cold-natured as ‘Kang Woo,’” Eric said of his new role.

Han Ye Seul described her character as an “elite spy agent from North Korea.” She said, “Unlike the general perception on North Korean spies, ‘Myung Wol’ is a modern character that’s also fluent in foreign languages.” The model-turned-actress actually grew up in California and is fluent in English.

“Spy Myung Wol” is a romantic comedy about the relationship between a female North Korean spy and a top Korean pop celebrity. Its first episode will air on July 4th.

Source: Dispatch