“The Greatest Love’s” Cha Seung Won Enjoys Romantic Date with Gong Hyo Jin in Public!

On Thursday’s episode of MBC’s “The Greatest Love,” Dokko Jin (Cha Sung Won) enjoyed a wonderful date with Gu Ae Jung (Gong Hyo Jin) in the public eye. Well technically, it wasn’t a real date since it was a shooting for an entertainment news show. Gu Ae Jung became the reporter for the “Star Date” segment, where she gets to interview a star while walking together on the streets. Dokko Jin, who found out about it, called the broadcasting station, claiming that he will make an appearance on the show—under the condition that it had to be ‘right now’!

While startled by Dokko Jin’s unexpected offer, Gu Ae Jung enjoyed a date with him in public during the shooting of the show. The two spent a lovely time together as they fed each other Ddokbokki and also played basketball at the arcade. Throughout their date, Dokko Jin naturally expressed his sincere feelings and love for her. Although Gu Ae Jung seemed a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation, she seemed to be having a good time as well. 

Dokko Jin, who wanted to get Gu Ae Jung a gift, stopped by a jewelry shop and bought her a white heart necklace as a celebratory present for her new show. Meanwhile, toward the end of the interview, Dokko Jin surprised everyone by revealing his breakup with Kang Sae Ri (Yoo In Na).