Yunho: The DBSK Naked Water Polo Incident

On June 8th’s episode of “Strong HeartYunho talked about an incident with DBSK in 2005 summer on Bora Bora island.

The DBSK members together started playing water polo and the game became so intense that they were all naked. Then suddenly they said that they would start filming but they weren’t wearing their trunks. None of the members could leave the water because they were all naked. The DBSK kept saying that they were playing an important game. Their hotel was so nice that they could see the ocean through the floor, because it was made of glass. 

It started to get dark and the members decided to sneak around because all the other rooms were full of newly wed couples. He saw people kiss then they would move to the next room.

He said that whatever he saw he would take to his grave, but the problem is while they were swimming they got stung by jellyfish. Yunho, “We became men at Bora Bora Island.”