2NE1 to Feature in Japan’s Koda Kumi’s Latest Single This Fall?

Earlier this year, the girl group, 2NE1 was to have their official debut in Japan, but instead due to the unforeseen circumstances of the recent disasters in the country it was postponed until a later date.  The group ended up releasing an album for the Japanese fans but were unable to actually promote it.  Fast forward a few months and it has now been revealed that 2NE1 will make their official debut in Japan this fall, in September.  To mark this fresh start in Japan they will be releasing a new album as well.  Other than that not much is known of their exact plans as of yet.

Though if that hasn’t peaked your interest how about this, recently fans of Japan’s top artist Koda Kumi had found what they believe is a track list, most likely for her 50th single release.  The tentative title of the new single is said to be “Girly Talk”.  “Never Say Never” along with three possible B-side tracks looks like will make up the single album.  Interestingly enough one of those three tracks includes one entitled, “Glory Girls” which features none other than our girls 2NE1!

So far none of this has been confirmed by Avex’s Rhythm Zone or YG Entertainment.  Yet it’s not such a strange proposition since Avex and Korean artists have teamed up before for collaboration.  As a couple years ago TVXQ paired with Koda Kumi for one of their songs.  Also not too long ago Namie Amuro collaborated with After School for a track.  So it certainly would not be the first time something like this happened.  Nevertheless at this juncture it is still rumor and speculation from netizens. 

Source: YGLadies
Photos: the Prophet Blog and Bionic Bong