miss A’s Suzy Texts in her Sleep?

On yesterday’s episode of KBS2’s “Entertainment News,miss A revealed their random and funny charms. When asked which member changed her ideal type most often, all the members answered Suzy without second thought. Back in December, Suzy had chosen “Dream High” co-star Kim Soo Hyun over 2PM’s Taec Yeon as her ideal type. Recently in March, she then changed her ideal type to BEAST’s Yoseob. Suzy shyly confessed, “I like guys who are cute and have clean-cut images.”

The members were then asked who had the weirdest sleeping habits to which the girls repeated Suzy. The members revealed, “Suzy talks and screams in her sleep. Sometimes, she texts as she sleep. She probably was texting in her dream.”

Recently, Suzy also revealed a new short hairstyle for cosmetic brand ANIPLACE, where she displayed various concepts such as “Pure Barbie,” “Glam Lady,” and “Anicollection.”

Pictures from KBS2TV “Entertainment News” screen capture and ANIPLACE Cosmetics