Won Bin’s Hot-Selling T-Shirt “Designer Brand? No, Only $30”

It’s been told that Won Bin‘s t-shirt has become a hot-seller! According to a representative of clothing brand “Chris Christy,” which Won Bin is currently endorsing, “Whenever Won Bin sports something, it appears as though the item is from a luxurious designer brand. Due to this ‘Won Bin’ effect, we receive endless phone calls, inquirying whether the t-shirt he sported is an expensive one that costs over a $100.” However, it turns out that the price of t-shirt that Won Bin is wearing is fairly low, ranging only about $30 to $40.

Netizens reacted “I should buy one too,” “I thought it was from a designer brand but it’s cheap,” “I wonder if I could pull it off well like him.”