Jo Yeo Jeong & Kim Jung Hoon’s ‘100 Second Kiss’

Jo Yeo Jeong and Kim Jung Hoon will feature a number of striking kiss scenes on tvN’s uncoming Mon-Tue drama “I Need Romance.” The two leads, who appear as a same-aged couple who are in a ten-year relationship, will showcase numerous kiss scenes, such as their first heart fluttering telephone pole kiss, an extremely passionate kiss, and a good-bye kiss with mixed emotions, which add up to over 100 seconds, just in the first episode.

Especially, Jo Yeo Jeong and Kim Jung Hoon’s ‘100 Second Kiss,’ which sketches the remarkable changes in the kiss styles that 10 year relationship couples go through, are incredibly natural and realistic. Even the kissing sounds are so realistic that it was told that production crew had to readjust the sound volume during the post-production stage.

Meanwhile, tvN’s 16-episode drama series “I Need Romance” depicts the search of a true romance and the desire for success of three ambitious career women, who are unable to give up their career, love, and friendship. The first episode will be aired at 11PM on the 13th.