Fashion Closet: “City Hunter” Ep.2 – Goo Hara’s Style

Fashion Closet is our new fashion series where we provide an insider’s guide into the fashion styles of the stars. We will cover the information regarding different fashion items sported by selected stars. For our debut article, we’ve chosen to feature the fashion items that Goo Hara has styled in the 2nd episode of “City Hunter.”

In her debut drama “City Hunter,” Kara’s Goo Hara plays the role of Choi Da Hae, the attractive yet spoiled daughter of the President. In the second episode, she appeared in a cute and feminine laced t-shirt and a colorful floral print skirt. The ivory laced top with the corsage decoration is from “Muzak” ($25), and the floral pattern flare skirt is from “T.O.U.C.H” ($80).

In the scene at the private institute, she sported twin pony tails on each side with a bright mint color blazer, which is from “Ablow” ($190), a new brand which recently launched this year. This stylish blazer is made of denim and accentuates a slim waist line. She is also sporting a chic bangle design watch from Swiss brand “Movado.”

Next, we would like to introduce you to Goo Hara’s sizzling mini-dress that she wore in the clubbing scene. This sexy and cute ultra short blue-gray mini-dress with frilly sleeves is from “Kwak Hyun Joo’s Collection” ($630). Also, the black sequin studded jacket that she styled on top has three-quarter-length sleeves and is from “Tankus” ($350). So… among Goo Hara’s stylish outfits, which is your favorite? �de09