‘OST Queen’ Baek Ji Young Joins “The Greatest Love” OST

‘OST Queen’ Baek Ji Young joined the OST of MBC’s hit-drama “The Greatest Love.” Her participation is garnering much attention as her past OSTs for “IRIS,” “Secret Garden” have become smash-hits.

The diva’s new song “I Can’t Drink” will be first revealed on the 13th episode of “The Greatest Love,” which will be aired on the 15th. The Won Tae Yeon and Jun Hae Sung duo, who have written and composed the mega-hit “That Woman” for “Secret Garden” OST, have teamed up once again for this song. Baek Ji Young’s sorrowful voice and impressive emotional expressions particularly stands out in this song.

In this track, which is a rearrangement of a song titled “I Can Drink” from Baek Ji Young’s 8th official album “PITTA,” the numerous beat and melody variations strangely blend well with her sorrowful voice. Also, the lyrics well reflect Dokko Jin’s (Cha Seung Won) feelings for Gu Ae Jung (Gong Hyo Jin) and how he had to let go of her due to his severe heart condition.

A representative of Baek Ji Young’s agency WS Entertainment stated, “Baek Ji Young’s ‘I Can’t Drink’ may sound bright at first, but the Won Tae Yeon’s composed yet heartbreaking lyrics and Jun Hae Sung’s exotic melodies stand out. Prior to recording it, Baek Ji Young showed special attachment to this song.”

The OST production company also claimed “We are looking forward it because the drama scenes blend well with Baek Ji Young’s voice. This song will be revealed alongside the official OST album at the same time, and this album has all the traits that make it a great album which you would truly want to collect.”

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young is currently busy with her promotional activities for her title track “Normal” from her 8th Official album “PITTA” and is preparing her next title song.