f(x)’s Victoria’s ‘Straw Photo’ with Chic Smokey Eyes

Today, f(x)’s Victoria revealed a cute and chic photo of herself drinking through a straw on her me2day with the description “It’s so hot these days because it’s summer, right? So it would be nice to eat something cold? Hey guys! Shall we all listen to ‘Hot Summer‘ while eating cold stuff?”

In the uploaded photo, Victoria is drinking ice coffee out of a straw with a coy facial expression, while sporting a pretty hair-band and heavy smokey makeup.

Netizens showed various reactions, such as “Her facial expression is so chic,” “Her eyes look sharp,” “It’s great to see how she’s always bright,” “I’m really looking forward to the ‘Hot Summer’ performance.”

Meanwhile, f(x) is currently enjoying much popularity with their latest title track “Hot Summer” following “Pinocchio.”