Dara Teases 2NE1’s New Dance Sequences

As previously reported, 2NE1 is coming back with a new single “I’m the Best” on June 24th. This time they promised to do a lot more TV promotions, implying the song would involve much stronger choreography befitting live TV stages.

To give a better idea of what new dance sequences the group has come up with this time, Sandara Park, the unofficial spokesperson of 2NE1, posted the following photos on her me2day account on June 16th.


The first photo was captioned, “Wussup?!?^.^ This summer, the girls are coming back! LOL These are the hot moves from ‘I’m the Best~Be-be-be-best~!’ Are you all ready to follow us? Come on! I’ll give you a bit of a hint! When you follow the dance, you have to keep thinking to yourself ‘I’m the best!’ This is part one of ‘the best’ dance sequence!!! LOL”


Shortly after, she posted the second photos saying, “Part two of ‘the best’ dance sequence!!! With more energy!!!! C’mon!!!!”


And then she completed the unofficial photo teaser with this third photo, adding, “Dance moves that are ‘the best’ right now! Finally part three! Have the most fun! Watch the music video next week and try to find which move this is! And let’s heat up the summer with these dances! +.+”

In addition to the dance teaser photos, Dara also hinted at the possibility of increasing the number of concerts scheduled for this August. YG Entertainment said earlier this week that 2NE1’s first-ever solo concert would be held twice in August.


She said, “Dara practicing! You know we’re having our concert at the Olympic Hall~! We’re doing it twice in front of 4,000 people each time, so we can perform closer to each other with the fans, but are you a little upset more people can’t come? I’ve been following your comments! But if more people say they want to come to our concert, we might increase it?!?”

The music video for “I’m the Best” is set for release on June 24th together with the digital single. YG Entertainment said 2NE1’s new mini album including tracks like “Lonely” and “Don’t Cry” as well as two or three additional songs would be out on July 21st. Their first solo concert is scheduled to be held twice on August 27th and 28th at the Olympic Hall, which has a seating capacity of 4,000. So if you want more 2NE1 concerts, make sure your voice be heard! 


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