More of 2NE1 for Adidas Originals

If I ask you to name a famous brand name for sneakers it’s safe to say that one of the first names you will say is Adidas. Similarly, when I ask you to name a hip and fashionable Kpop girl group, it’s safe to assume that 2NE1 will be one of the names you mention.

Following this train of thought, it made sense when Adidas first announced that 2NE1 would endorse Adidas Originals. Their style is certainly compatible and 2NE1 definitely have “street cred” to back it up.

2NE1 are continuing to promote and below are some more pictures from the endorsement. I actually have mixed feelings about the shoot. Not only is 2NE1 made up of good looking women, but their styles are also very bright, as they stand out amongst others. Apart from the red (worn by Bom) and purple (worn by Minzy) it seems that the sneakers are slightly eclipsed, CL’s sneakers definitely play second fiddle to those amazing glasses. Check out the pictures for yourself.

Picture Source: Adidas Originals

Video Source: VNGleeK