2NE1 Releases Teaser Photo, 10-sec Audio for New Single "The Coolest"

2NE1 released a 10 second audio teaser and album jacket image for their upcoming single, “The Coolest,”today through YG Entertainment’s official blog, YG-Life.

Although it’s a brief, 10-second release, the powerful synthesizer sound and 2NE1’s impactful “I’m the Coolest!” segment leave a strong impression to the listeners. You can listen to the 10-second preview here.Unlike Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” and the group’s previous single “Lonely,” that did not involve much TV promotions, “The Coolest” will be showcased a lot through TV performances. 2NE1 has already finished arranging for the new dance moves and have completed recording the music video as well.

Along with the audio teaser, 2NE1 released the jacket image of their new single, featuring cartoon caricatures of each member. If “Lonely” revealed the group’s softer and emotional side with superbly synchronized vocals, “The Coolest” is expected to show off the group’s uniquely powerful personality to the fullest.

YG Entertainment said they would release 10-second teasers for “The Coolest” everyday until June 24th.