Eric & Han Ye Seul Kiss Scene

KBS upcoming drama, “Beautiful Spy/Spy Myung Wol” just released kiss scene photos of the anticipated drama.

The drama is about a female North Korean spy name Myung Wol (Han Ye Seul) given a mission to marry the top star Kang Woo (Eric). Myung Wol successfully steals Kang Woo’s lips. However, the mission did not go as it planned and she runs away. The female actress, Joo In Ah (Jang Hye Jin) whom was in a drama with Kang Woo witnessed the whole scene. She expressed having uncomfortable feelings. This drama is about the three people’s love triangle and encounter with one another.

On the 20th, the three actors gather together to film their scenes for the drama. They overcame the heat on set by eating ice-cream. The scenes filmed this particular day were for episodes 2 and 3.

Actress, Han Ye Seul has not been part of the acting world since her last drama, “’Will It Snow for Christmas?”. Many fans are delighted with her return on screen.

KBS drama, “Beautiful Spy/Spy Myung Wol” will broadcast their first episode on the 11th of July.


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