Big Bang’s Daesung Appears in "Night After Night"

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “Night After Night,” fans were able to catch a glimpse of Big Bang’s Daesung in the background. Daesung is a regular on the late night TV show, bringing laughter on set with his uniquely Daesung charms. Unfortunately, his recent accident changed much of his life and career. Around 1:30 AM of May 31st, Daesung was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. While the police have yet to update new development regarding the accident, Daesung and YG Entertainment have limited his activities until this case is resolved.

Since the accident, most of his segments in pre-recorded shows have been edited out, with the exception of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” (June 11th episode). Yesterday’s episode was recorded before the accident on May 27th, and as expected, Daesung’s portions did not air. However, fans were surprised and delighted when they saw Daesung as the camera zoomed out for a full shot of the male panel cast. Daesung was seen talking with fellow cast members.

There are always two sides to every story, and netizens showed mixed responses to Daesung’s TV appearance. Some netizens praised, “Daesung is such a hard worker. Don’t lose hope!” While some commented, “With recent developments, it seems inappropriate to see him on TV.” Just recently, “MBC News Desk” reported that the autopsy results raised the possibility of the deceased victim could have been alive before Daesung’s involvement. If this is the case, Daesung may be charged for third degree manslaughter. However, “MBC News Desk” has been under the fire for broadcasting speculation without any proof. The police announced that there has been no briefing about the updated results. A representative of the National Forensic Service also announced, “We have not released any statements regarding Daesung’s accident.”