Kang Ji Young Reveals Her Lovely First Solo Photoshoot

Kara’s youngest member Kang Ji Young recently displayed her colorful charms during the recent “ELLE girl” photoshoot, which was her first one to shoot alone. In this retro-themed photospread, she featured various styles by sporting high-waist pants, jump suits, and wavy hair.

In the photos, Kang Ji Young looked lovely and cute in a baby blue jumpsuit with a striped ribbon hair pin. She also accentuated her slim figure by sporting hot pants. Also, she displayed a cheerful and lively image in a sporty outfit.

Although Kang Ji Young seemed a bit nervous in the beginning as it was her first photospread to shoot by herself, she later led the atmosphere on set after getting used to it. According to a representative of the photoshoot, “She created a great atmosphere on set by captivating the production staff with her unique bright energy.”

During the interview following the photoshoot, Kang Ji Young revealed the typical pure and girly side of her as an 18 year old. She confessed “I’ve been attending most of my classes at school lately. I’ve become close with my classmates and we chat with our cell phones. I’m also really into MBC’s ‘The Greatest Love,” and SBS’s ‘City Hunter’ these days.” Kang Ji Young’s special and charming photospread will be featured in “ELLE girl’s” July issue.