"Beautiful Spy/Spy Myung Wol" Releases Video Teaser

The leader of perhaps the most epic K-Pop group in all of K-Pop history is making a comeback as Kang Woo this July 11th. Eric Mun of Shinhwa will be co-starring with actress Han Ye Seul in the KBS drama “Beautiful Spy/Spy Myungwol.”

The teaser for the drama has recently been released, and fans are already buzzing with excitement. The forty-second teaser starts off with North Korean spy Han Myung Wol writing on a mirror with lipstick saying, “Terminate Hallyu Star Kang Woo.” It then immediately proceeds to a suspense-filled scene where the female sniper is just about to take out Hallyu star Kang Woo. Right when she’s about to take the shot, her cell phone goes off (with a classic North Korean folk song as its ring tone). She then crosses off “Terminate,” and replaces it with “Marry.”

Myung Wol can then be seen dressed as a fangirl for Kang Woo in a feeble attempt to actual meet the guy, but all K-Pop fans know that meeting a celebrity face to face as a civilian is almost impossible. It looks like the drama is going to be a little comedic and definitely pleasing to the eyes for both men and women!

“Beautiful Spy” will be airing its pilot episode on July 11th.

Check out the hot teaser below!

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