G-Dragon Spotted Receiving Nail Art?!

A photo and description of Big Bang’s G-Dragon receiving nail art at a nail shop near Ehwa Womans University has been surfacing on an online community board, sparking the interest of many netizens.

In this photo, which was shot during the preparation for Dazed and Confused’s July issue photospread, G-Dragon is seen with his hand reached out to receive nail art, while dressed in a check print shirt layered with a white t-shirt and short pants.

Netizens who have seen the photo commented, “The way he has his wrist bent is quite feminine,” “Since you have received nail art, I hope you stop biting your nails,” “I wish I could at least see G-dragon’s nails.” 

After getting his nail done and dyeing his hair blond, he headed off for the photoshoot. Here are a couple photos from the photospread. Enjoy! �de09