T-ara Drifts Off to Dreamland at Roly-Poly MV Set

Photos of T-ara dozing off at the set of the music video for their new title song “Roly-Poly” were revealed. During the “Roly-Poly” music video shooting that went on for two days during the 18th and the 19th for 30 hours straight, one member after another started drifting off to dreamland.

Now Ji Yeon, Gyu Ri, and So Yeon also joined the sleepyhead club, following Eun Jung, who is already well-known as a “Sleeping Beauty.”

It looks like their title track “Roly-Poly” will be widely popular among various age groups ranging from the twenties to fifties because the song features simple yet catchy melodies, arrangements, and choreography. T-ara revealed their strong ambitions of making “Roly-Poly” a nationally popular song.

“Roly-Poly” is expected to stir a disco and retro craze by featuring performances with twenty dancers on stage performing various retro style dances that were trendy back in the 70s and the 80s, along with hustle, diamond dance, and ABC dance.