Jung Yong Hwa’s Surprise Visit to "The Greatest Love" Finale Party!

Jung Yong Hwa made a surprise visit to the finale party of MBC’s hit drama “The Greatest Love!” Yesterday, Jung Yong Hwa’s photo taken at the dinner party that was held on the 23rd at a restaurant in Yeouido was posted on MBC’s PR blog “Cupitter.”

According to this blog, Jung Yong Hwa accidently bumped into the “The Greatest Love” crew by chance when he came to eat in the same restaurant with his fellow CN Blue member Kang Min Hyuk. Last year, Jung Yong Hwa has appeared in “You’re Beautiful,” also a drama written by “The Greatest Love” screen writers, the Hong Mi Ran and Hong Jung Eun sisters. He congratulated the screen writers and also shook hands with Gong Hyo Jin.

Jung Yong Hwa first went up to Gong Hyo Jin and greeted “I’m a fan of yours.” Gong Hyo Jin also wished him good luck on his appearance as the male lead in the “The Greatest Love’s” follow-up drama “HeartStrings.”

Along with Jung Yong Hwa’s photo, various photos from actors and production crew members enjoying the finale party were posted on the blog.