Update on 2NE1's Comeback, MV, and Some Wallpapers Inside!

2NE1 just released a new song, “I Am The Best” and completely dominated most music charts within 24 hours. If that isn’t a sign of how influential the group have become, then I don’t know what is!

Regarding the comeback of 2NE1 on stage to promote the song, as well as the release date of the music video, YG released a statement on 2NE1’s official Facebook saying the following:

About the First Comeback Stage..

 The first comeback stage of 2NE1’s new single, “I Am The Best” has decided to SBS’s “Inkigayo” on coming Sunday. The broadcasting station showed consideration to allow 10 min for comeback stage but YG requested politely to perform only 1 song.

It is normal wish for artists and producers to get even 1 more min for comeback stage but the reason that YG requested to shorten the length is we think it’s more important to focus on one complete performance with more concentration on the final stage of practicing “I Am The Best”.

 M/V Release Date

The music video, “I Am The Best“ will now be released two or three days later than its expected release date, June 24th 00:00 AM. The problem was that we had set the bar too high.  Might be overambitious for great work? We spent more than twice the amount of money we had spent on previous videos, and the scale of the video grew larger than expected, which lengthened the post-production time.

Deepest apologies to all of our fans and hope you can stay tuned with full support. Thank you.

 2011. 06. 23. FROM YG”

Twice the amount they usualy spend, is anyone else thinking of Big Bang’s “Love Song” music video right now? It seems like YG are going to put some considerable weight behind 2NE1 now, especially as they plan for international domination. It will be exciting to see what the music video is going to be with that much money being injected into it. It kills me to say this but with the situation regarding Daesung, Big Bang’s future right now is uncertain, so there is a chance YG will put more focus on 2NE1.

On a happier note, here are some 2NE1, “I Am The Best,” themed wallpapers for your computer. I have already put up the first one as my wallpaper!

[1024×768] [1280×1024] [1920×1200]

[1024×768] [1280×1024] [1920×1200]

News Source: 2NE1’s Facebook

Wallpaper Source: http://koreangirlsgroup.com

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