Soompi Weekly Review: 2NE1 vs. 2PM

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2NE1 vs. 2PM

Clash of the titans? Battle of the sexes? You name it. Two of the biggest idol groups in K-Pop, 2NE1 and 2PM, made comebacks in the same week. On June 24th, 2NE1 released their new single “I am the Best” while 2PM made their first live TV performance of “Hands Up” on KBS “Music Bank,” after the song’s release on June 20th. Both groups are expected to appear on the June 26th episode of SBS “Inkigayo,” so be ready for a showdown between these exceptional groups!

As mentioned in Soompi’s exclusive preview, “I am the Best” features heavy synthesizer and club beats, bringing the girls back to their original roots. With powerful rap and strong electronic sounds, as well as the catchy lyrics, 2NE1 once again delivered big time. Also, the repetitive “I’m the best” lines exude a certain confidence and swagger only the four girls of 2NE1 are capable of pulling off. Already expected to involve heavily synchronized choreography, “I am the Best” should be a perfect match for TV and live stages. We’re already pumped to see them back on SBS “Inkigayo” this Sunday!

2PM likewise released a track based on heavy club sounds, strong beats, and simple lyrics. Their new single in nearly a year, “Hands Up” features a more conventional K-Pop dance song sequence. With typical JYP-styled tunes, it perfectly fits 2PM’s “animal-idol” image and brings back their sexy and party personalities. Although we’ve grown more accustomed to the softer side of 2PM lately, “Hands Up” definitely takes the boys back to their roots with powerful, acrobatic dance styles, reminiscent of their megahit debut song, “10 Points Out of 10 Points.”

It’s interesting how both 2PM and 2NE1 decided to come back with club sound-based songs, featuring simple, repetitive lyrics.  The parallels between “I am the Best” and “Hands Up” are quite extensive as they both accentuate each band’s distinctive style and swagger. They perfectly reflect each group’s most powerful strengths in colorful dances, confident lyrics, and glamorous fashion styles. 2NE1 has already announced that “I am the Best” will be much more heavily promoted on TV, as opposed to their previous two singles, “Don’t Cry” and “Lonely.” 2PM is known for their carefully designed stage performances and they didn’t fail to impress us with their first two TV performances.

After taking nearly a year off from the music scene, both 2NE1 and 2PM are back in full force. There’s no doubt these two tracks will dominate this summer’s music chart and club scenes, and we can’t wait to see how they match up against each other in the coming weeks. Who is going to be your pick this summer?

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