Kara’s Goo Hara Sleeps on Top of Nicole?!

Yesterday, KARA’s Nicole tweeted a playful photo of her and Goo Hara. She posted the following photo, along with the description “Goo Hara who sleeps well anywhere. I’m absolutely stuck below. Still.”

In this funny photo, Goo Hara is sound asleep in a comfortable position with her legs stretched out. On the other hand, Nicole is in pain while stuck lying flat below Goo Hara. Despite their comic poses, they garnered a lot of attention for their flawless leg lines.

Netizens have shown various reactions such as “Goo Hara pretending to sleep? How can the two be this cute?,” “Nicole is a human bed,” “Goo Hara and Nicole’s leg lines… jaw-dropping,” “Not more dieting allowed. Eat a lot,” “Don’t we have to save Nicole?”