"Park Yong Ha Forever" Exhibition to Be Held in Japan

An exhibition paying tribute to the life of Hallyu star Park Yong Ha will be held in Japan. It has been a year since the star committed suicide last June. The exhibition will shed light on his life, including his singing and acting career.


The exhibition, titled “Park Yong Ha Forever – My Lovely Son,” will be held at an event hall in the Takashimaya department store located in Shinjuku, Toyko from September 8th to the 13th. It will have a theater section playing videos of Park Yong Ha’s past activities and will also feature various personal items that he used to treasure. The Toyko exhibition will be followed by another exhibition in the Matsuzaka department store in Nagoya from September 21st to the 26th.

Meanwhile, 1500 Japanese fans will hold a memorial service in Buddhist style on the 30th, in commemoration of the first anniversary of his death, at the Yakchunsa Buddhist temple in Gyeonggi-do, where his Buddhist mortuary tablet is located. Then they will head over to the memorial park in Bundang where his urn is located to cherish the memory of him.