2NE1 Supporting the "Lonely" Cover Contest

2NE1 are on fire right now! Not literally, don’t worry! First they release their amazing song “Lonely,” but also achieved an “all kill” of the charts with their song “I Am The Best” within mere hours! Regardless of the stunning new single, “Lonely,” is still a topic on everyone’s lips due to the competition being run by YG that encourages many fans to cover the single.

The competition is still very much ongoing, with 2NE1 themselves serving as judges towards the final decision. To show their excitement at all the submitted covers of “Lonely,” 2NE1 have recorded the video for all those getting involved, with CL talking in English!

Check it out below:

They all look amazing and CL’s English is very impressive. So, did you send in a cover?

Source: 2NE1’s Facebook and Youtube