New Albums and Singles Preview - 2011 June Week 4

T-Ara – John Travolta Wanna Be (June 29)

01 Roly-Poly
02 Really Really Like You
03 Yayaya (Remix Version)
04 Why You Like This (Remix Version)
05 Ma Boo (Remix Version)
06 Don’t Know (Remix Version)
07 It’s Okay (Remix Version)

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T-ara joins hands with Sinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sung for its new album titled, “John Travolta Wanna Be”. The girls go retro this time around, bringing disco and bokgo dance styles back. There are a total of seven tracks in this album – two new songs, “Roly-Poly” and “Really Really Like You” along with remix versions of five songs from its second album. The title track is “Roly-Poly”, a dance number with disco sounds popular in the 80s. The song is about getting right back up no matter how hard one falls. “Really Really Like You” on the other hand is a pop dance number with an addictive bass line and synth sounds.


Min Kyung Hoon Vol. 2 – Outing (released)

01 Nightmare
02 Short Word
03 Didn’t Cheat
04 She
05 Light (Heaven Belong to You)
06 Happy Time
07 Because It’s You (I Got Your Love)
08 What Should I Do (Feat. SG Wannabe Lee Suk Hun)
09 Loving U
10 Habit

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Min Kyung Hun, known for his emotional vocals makes a comeback with his second album, “Outing”. This time around the artist took part in collecting demo songs, composing and producing the album. There are a total of ten tracks, all of various styles and singing methods. The title track is “She”, a Kim Do Hun and Choi Gap Won production. The lively house beats, piano, and strings bring out great melody. The song is about a person’s love confession and Min’s refreshing vocals help relay this message.


Block B – New Kids On The Block (released)

01 Halo
02 Tell Them
03 U Hoo Hoo
04 Wanna B
05 Stop Right Here!
06 You the Only One Like This?
07 Tell Them INST
08 Stop Right Here! INST

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Jo Pd’s boy band, Block B who debuted only a month and a half ago makes a comeback with a mini-album titled, “New Kids on the Block”. The title track is “Tell Them”, a cheerful dance number perfect for the upcoming summer. The team’s leader Zico took part in penning and composing parts of the song.


2NE1 (single) – I’m the Best (released)

01 I’m the Best

2NE1’s long awaited single, “I’m the Best” is finally released, succeeding its previous hit song, “I’m Lonely”. This upbeat electronic hip-hop number was produced by YG Entertainment’s main producer, Teddy who also wrote the girls’ debut song “Fire” and “Can’t Nobody”. This song is expected to capture fans’ ears as well as eyes.


Hwayobi (single) – 2 The Sky (released)

01 2 The Sky

Korea’s top diva, Hwayobi prereleases a song “2 the Sky” in midst of her new mini-album which is expected to hit stores on June 30th. This urban R&B number which was composed by Hwang Chan Hee and penned by the artist herself is expected to bring back some sounds Brian McKnight used in 2000.


IU/Kim Yuna (single) – Snow Flower (released)

01 Snow Flower (feat. Kim Se Hwang)
02 Snow Flower (feat. Kim Se Hwang) INST

Two of Korea’s favorite younger sisters, IU and Kim Yuna come together through a new duet song, “Snow Flower”.  It was revealed that IU was the one that initiated this love call which Kim Yuna gladly accepted having been a fan of the former. The song will be used as the theme song for SBS’s reality show, “Kim Yuna’s KISS & Cry”. The song was composed by Korea’s top composer Lee Min Su and penned by Kim Ina.


Apink (single) – It Girl (released)

01 It Girl (Remix Version)
02 If Girl (Original Version)
03 It Girl (Remix Version) INST

APink, who debuted this past April returns with a single titled, “It Girl”. This song was originally included in the girls’ first mini-album, “Seven Springs of Apink” but this version brings a different side to the song through acoustic reggae arrangements. Apink who has shown its cute and lovable side through “Don’t Know” is expected to bring forth a fun performance on stage through “It Girl”.


Park Gyu Ri (Kara) – City Hunter OST Part 5 (released)

01 See Only You
02 See Only You INST

Kara’s Gyuri takes part in the soundtrack for popular drama series, “City Hunter”. The song title is “Look At Only You” and is the main theme song for Park Min Young. This ballad number helps depict the sensitivity of the female character in the drama. A 24-member orchestra as well as an acoustic guitar has also taken part in the song to bring forth harmony and balance to the song.

Other Releases:
Kim Hyung Joong – Break Down (June 30)
Rem Beatz – Intros (June 30)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

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