Eric of Shinhwa Joins Twitter + "Beautiful Spy/Spy Myung Wol" Releases Teaser #2

Eric Mun, the leader of the legendary group Shinhwa, recently joined Twitter. Eric was the first member to be discharged among the five Shinhwa members who left to serve their country. Although there were initial plans for him to return through drama “Poseidon” along with DBSK‘s leader Yunho, due to a multitude of complications and setbacks, he joined the cast for KBS’ “Beautiful Spy/Spy Myung Wol,” which is scheduled to air its pilot episode on July 11th.

In order to “verfiry” his Twitter account, as well as let his fans know that he is alive and well, Eric posted a “signature” one-of-a-kind photo of his 4D-ness. He writes, “Because it’s been a while since I’ve tweeted, I’m authenticating it with this photo. There isn’t anybody with this other than me, right? Taken by Director Lee Jong Hyun, Coordinated by Director Lee Jong Hyun. This is at the Singapore Marina Hotel.”

On another exciting note, “Spy Myong Wol” recently released a second teaser. In it,  North Korean spy Han Myung Wol (Han Ye Seul) repeatedly tries to get the attention of Hallyu star Kang Woo (Eric Mun). But of course, Mr. Kang isn’t so easy. Take a look at the teaser below, and stay tuned for more updates on “Spy Myung Wol” on Soompi!

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