New Albums and Singles Preview - 2011 July Week 2

MBLAQ mini-album Vol. 3 – Mona Lisa (July 14)

01 Ojos Frios (Bandoneon by Go Sang Ji)
02 Mona Lisa
03 Don’t Know
04 Doing It While You Know
05 One
06 Shouldn’t Have Said

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Chic idol group, MBLAQ returns this summer with their third mini album, “Mona Lisa” with an upgraded image. The title track is of the same same and is an electronic dance number with Spanish sounds. The song is about the difficulties in getting a certain girl, thus giving her a mysterious vibe like the famous Mona Lisa. MBLAQ is expected to show new styles and charms through this new album.


ZE:A (special single) – Exciting (released)

01 Intro
02 Watch Out!!
03 Why?
04 Heart For 2

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2011’s top precious idols, ZE:A returns with a refreshing summer story in time for the season. This month, the boys return with a special single, “Exciting” which consists of four songs, with the title track being “Watch Out”. Through this song, fans can hear upgraded vocals from the main vocalists, Kim Dong Jun, Park Hyung Sik, and Kevin. A cute choreography about going on vacation on an airplane can also be seen. “Watch Out” has addictive melodies as well as lively rhythms filled with style.


Lyn Vol.7 Part 1 – Metro Sexy (July 14)

01 Love Me For Me
02 Me Myself
03 Call Me
04 Make It Rock (With Danbi, Seong Hyun)
05 Love Me For Me (INST)
06 Me Myself (INST)
07 Call Me (INST)
08 Make It Rock (INST)

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Sexy diva, Lyn makes a comeback with part one of her upcoming seventh album, “Metro Sexy” this summer. The album is filled with songs of various genres different from her usual style, showing a more mature side of the singer. The title track is “Me Myself”, an urban R&B number with brass sounds and arrangements made by real instruments. Lyn’s charming vocals is expected to bring out her chic image. Also included the album are “Love Me For Me”, one of Lyn’s favorites in the album as well as “Make It Rock”, a powerful R&B dance number.


Jang Woo Hyuk (single) – Weekend Night (released)

01 Weekend Night (Maximum Mix) (Electro Remix)
02 Weekend Night (Minimum Mix) (Re-edit Ver)
03 Weekend Night (Maximum Mix) (Electro Remix) (INST)
04 Weekend Night (Minimum Mix) (Re-edit Ver) (INST)

Asia’s top singer, Jang Woo Hyuk makes a digital single release, “Weekend Night” with consists of remixed versions of the trendy urban hip-hop number previously released in his hit mini-album. This addictive number is about shedding one’s boring life away for the perfect weekend night. Jang’s crazy dancing skills are expected to liven the song even further.


G.O. (single) – Even In My Dreams (released)

01 Even In My Dreams
02 Even In My Dreams (INST)

MBLAQ’s G.O releases a new single, “Even In My Dreams” which was composed and penned by the talented artists himself. It is an R&B number about wanting to go back to a past lover even if it’s through one’s dreams. Fans will surely fall in love with G.O’s soft vocals.


Monday Kiz/Gavy NJ (single) – Soul Train, Pt. 2 (released)

01 Bing Bing Bing
02 Bing Bing Bing INST

Monday Kiz and Gavy NJ meet once again in time for part two of the Soul Train project series. The title track is “Bing Bing Bing”, an emotional medium-tempo number about not being able to forget a past lover. Listeners are able to hear the tale from both female and male perspectives. Korea’s top composer, Min Myung Ki who has also written songs for SG Wannabe, KCM, and Wax, is responsible for creating this song.


HITT – Here Is The Top (released)

01 I’ll Always Love You
02 Good Night
03 Stop It
04 Run Away
05 Long Time (feat. Yiruma)
06 Stop It (Unplugged Version)
07 Good Night (INST)
08 I’ll Always Love You (INST)

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Rookie group, HITT who has already garnered the interest of many, debuts this month with its first album, “Here is the Top”. For those who are unaware, this new band consists of leader Ha Yong, lead vocalist Jun Taek, bright vocals Hyun Jun, the youngest member Ho Won, soft and charming vocals Woo Rim, and rap maker Jae Hun. Together, the six members are expected to turn the K-pop world upside-down through music and visuals. The title track is “Good Night”, a contemporary R&B number with electronic rhythms.


Other Releases:
Mds – I Am the Remix (released)
Humpbacks – Humpback (released)
In Sooni – Legend: 30th Anniversary Concert (releaed)
Speakat – Sleep Tight (released)
Lee Haemi – Vol. 1 (released)
The Black Skirts – Vol. 2 Don’t You Worry Baby (July 13)
Mang Gak Hwa – Story Only I Know (July 14)
Yoon Sang – 20th Anniversary Project Light Ver.) (July 14)
I Am a Singer (July 14)
Krista – Vol. 1 One (July 14)
Mrs. Lui – Vol. 1 (July 15)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

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