[Recap] City Hunter Episode 16

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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[Recap] City Hunter Episode 16

Phew so many revelations in this episode, and hints of things to come? I will discuss what the show seems to hint at, towards the end of this episode. Hopefully soon, we will figure out what is going on!

We are back at the cliffhanger. YJ, “When the City Hunter was at the Triangle, the name that was used was Pu Chai.. just because time passed by the City Hunter probably didn’t forget that name?” Yoon Sung, “I told you, if you want to take me in, bring hard evidence that I am the City Hunter.”

Yoon Sung arrives in his apartment and he feints. When Yoon Sung wakes up he gives important documents, (like money and real estate) to the bald guy. The bald guy is concerned because Yoon Sung is acting like he will go away. Yoon Sung says, “I had forgot who I am for a while…”

Yoon Sung arrives at Nana’s apartment. Yoon Sung, “How long are you going to cling on to the memories of the people that aren’t around you… I never thought that I would love/like somebody in my life, but when I think about the possibility that you might have a hard life I can’t handle it, I don’t’ want to leave any memories of me with you, Kim Nana I like you, but I don’t think I can let you go, so please let me go first.. You know who I am, you know what kind of life I’ve lived, and what will happen to me…”

Nana asks him to forget that she likes her. Yoon Sung, “I can’t anymore… I said I liked you…This is my first and last favor that I ask of you…” Nana refuses. But, Yoon Sung asks a sobbing Nana to end it with him first.

Nana sobs in her apartment. (T_T) Nana, “Let’s stop crying Nana, he says that he is having a hard time, to forget him, so let’s forget him, it’s better that you have a hard time than him…”

YJ is looking at a map of info about the City Hunter. Also, Nana’s aunt comes in and she talks about the car accident and how it involves her family but she still will work with YJ because she really likes the prosecutor. YJ finds out that the witness has picked somebody else besides JP as the drug lord. Also, that the secret documents he asked the president to try and provide have disappeared.

The ex-officer implores JP to reveal the secret documents in order to bring back honor to his dead brother and father. However, JP thinks that they have to keep a hidden card up their sleeve, and also Yoon Sung will take care of the last target. (He is at the Blue House after all)

JP meets with Target Number Four. JP asks about the 1983 “Wipeout Plan” and he is angry as Target Number Four straight out lies, even calling them spies. JP asks Target Number Four about the problems with workers and industrial accidents. Target Number Four is adamant and tells JP his plan.

Now, the president and Target Number Four are arguing. The president wants Target Number Four to set the accident as an industrial one, Target Number Four is not listening and he will privatize insurance. He also threatens the president once more, saying that he has dirt besides the “Wipeout Plan.” Target Number Four is looking for someone.

Nana brought hand soap for Yoon Sung’s mother. Yoon Sung’s mother, “I’m glad that our energetic Nana is always with Yoon Sung.

The leukemia patient’s son is buying lip gloss with coins for his mother. The cashier is being a b*tch and not accepting the coins.

Yoon Sung pays for the lip gloss and mouths off the cashier. Yoon Sung tells Nana not to come to the hospital anymore.

Target Number Four’s bodyguard/assassin forces the leukemia patient to sign away her accident status, they are also going to try and take care of the labor activists with brute force.

The labor activists are being beat up when Yoon Sung arrives on scene!

Now, a showdown between the City Hunter and Target Number Four’s assassin/bodyguard.

Yoon Sung beats him up with a water bottle. Yoon Sung also takes the signed paper of the leukemia patient.

Da Hae is out shopping clothes for the president. Da Hae tells them that anti-café people were out to get her.

Da Hae has a tutor session with Yoon Sung but in front of the café, the anti-café members are trying to egg Da Hae but Nana gets hit by all the eggs instead. Yoon Sung rushes out but she rejects all of Yoon Sung’s offers for help.

Yoon Sung is with his mother, and she asks if there is anything that Yoon Sung is hiding. He will tell her after everything is over.

Yoon Sung, “Mom.. I don’t think that liking somebody is only a happy affair.”

The leukemia patient’s son asks Yoon Sung to read him a story because he can’t read. When he is reading the boy the book, he can’t help but think about Nana when the boy says the word “Pal Lang Gwee.” (This is a word that describes ears that flap)

YJ is at the office when he gets a picture from Yoon Sung involving JP, Target Number Four, and two prosecutors.

YJ arrives on scene asking his supervisors what is going on. YJ accuses them and he is right, when he opens up a box it is filled with money. YJ warns/threatens Target Number Four that there was probably a survivor of the “wipeout plan.”

YJ is back at the supervisor’s office and he is laid off Target Number Four’s case.

Nana got a promotion. Her supervisor put in a recommendation for her, she will now be the president’s bodyguard.

The president, Da Hae, and Yoon Sung are eating lunch together. The president asks Yoon Sung if Da Hae can go into college, he honestly tells the president that Da Hae probably won’t be able to get into college. Da Hae admits the truth to her father that she asked for being tutored by Yoon Sung because she likes him.

The president is surprised at Yoon Sung’s courage for telling him the truth about Da Hae. The president asks Yoon Sung to eat with him occasionally.

Yoon Sung sees Nana in the hallway, he tells her to be a woman and take care of her face.

Yoon Sung thinks about Nana, and is at one of her favorite spots. (He also didn’t get rid of the picture of them together.) Nana calls out to him and walks towards him. Yoon Sung, “You’re supposed to always be enthusiastic.” Nana, “You made me this way.” Yoon Sung, “I am resentful that I met you, you are a nightmare that I don’t want to remember. Forget about me, and meet somebody and be happy.”

Nana runs to him, “Is that all you can say? You could say all those things to forget me, how could you tell me to meet another man? You are too cruel. When all of your business is over, I am going to wait, can you just come back to me? I will forget everything you have said. It’s not a difficult task. Just say that you will come back. If you don’t say that now, I won’t accept you if you come back.” Yoon Sung just walks away.

The person who has the secret documents tells YJ that Target Number Four had a copy and that JP has one as well.

The ex-officer is trying to convince JP to reveal the secret documents, instead of trying to make the corruption worse by spreading money.

The ex-officer calls Yoon Sung and tells him the information about the secret documents. (The ex-officer is also going to try and stall JP)

Yoon Sung is trying to open the safe, but YJ is right behind him.

JP arrives on scene however to every ones surprise the secret documents are not there!

Target Number Four actually has the documents. Target Number Four asks about the status of finding Lee Kyung Hee (Yoon Sung’s mother). Target Number Four tells the bodyguard/assassin that Lee Kyung Hee is his hidden card. (Oooh! What does the president have to do with Lee Kyung Hee.) Also, JP doesn’t want Yoon Sung to know about what’s in the private documents.

While Yoon Sung is looking for a picture of his father, the president shows him the album and asks, “Are you looking for this?” 

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