Songs Impossible to Listen to with a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop: Batch #4

Welcome back, Soompiers, to “Songs Impossible to Listen to with a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop.” The fourth batch features Big Bang‘s Seungri, B1A4‘s Baro and Sandeul, and F.T. Island’s Jaejin and Seunghyun.Hope you all enjoy it!

1. “Girlfriend?” by N’Sync (ft. Nelly)
and The Backstreet Boys were at the absolute peak of their popularity in the States during the late 90s, and I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few of our female Soompiers had American boy band phases at some point in their lives. (I was always more of a BSB fan, but you know.) It looks like Seungri took a stab at the boy band classic, but with a little twist. Now it sounds Seungri-esque. The other Big Bang members seemed to be entertained, shocked, and embarrassed for Seungri, all at the same time. If Seungri’s imitation of Nelly isn’t funny enough, the members’ reactions certainly are. Thank you for the suggestion, Szilorsi!

YT Cr TheYGcrew

2. “My First Kiss” by 3OH!3 (ft. Ke$ha)
Rookie boy group B1A4 members Baro and Sandeul created a brand new choreography for this song called “The Sprout Dance.” In order to describe how they’re new to the industry and are still growing like little sprouts, the two put together a simple but memorable dance. I must say, it is quite cute. Thank you for the suggestion, Itsrissayaknow

YT Cr B1A4Only

 3. “Heartbeat” by 2PM
Do I dare start describing the utter epicness of this song?  Do I even bother to start explaining the advent of “Rip Teacyeon,” or beastly idols? Hottests, I will spare you all from the clutter of unnecessary words and let you enjoy perhaps the most entertaining rendition of “Heartbeat.” Jaejin and Seunghyun are the bassist and guitarist of F.T. Island, respectively, and although they are gorgeous and unbelievably talented, dancing isn’t their greatest forte. As is the case for all FNC artists, unfortunately. Regardless, their effort showed, and it was hilarious, at the very least. (Note Seunghyun’s chest pop!)

YT Cr amouna1chan

As was the case for last week’s segment, due to the unique circumstances of the renditions, I thought it would be necessary to embed videos of the original performances, just to make sure you all actually take note of what the songs were supposed to sound like. Not that I don’t like the newer K-Pop-ish versions, of course.

1. “Girlfriend?” by N’Sync (ft. Nelly)


2. “My First Kiss by 3OH!3 (ft. Ke$ha)

YT Cr photofinishrecords

3. “Heartbeat” by 2PM

YT Cr 2pm

I hope everyone enjoyed the fourth batch of “Songs Impossible to Listen to with a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop”! Please continue leaving suggestions! As long as it’s funny with a clip available online, I will feature it in future batches and mention your username.

Until next week 🙂 

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