New Albums and Singles Preview - 2011 July Week 4

2NE1 2nd mini-album – I’m The Best (July 28)

01 I’m the Best
02 Ugly
03 Lonely
04 Hate You
05 Don’t Cry
06 Don’t Stop the Music

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2NE1 finally makes a comeback this month with their second mini-album. There are a total of six tracks with the title track being “Ugly”.  Included in the album are previously released singles, “I’m the Best”, “Lonely”, “Hate You”, “Don’t Cry”, and bonus track “Don’t Stop the Music”. The album design shows the girls in cartoon form, created by famous pop artist, Mari Kim.


Brave Girls – Back To Da Future (July 28)

01 Back To Da Future
02 Easily (feat. Skul1)
03 When Rain Falls
04 Hurts a Lot (feat. Maboos from Electroboyz)
05 Do You Know (Acoustic Remix version)
06 Easily (feat. Skul1: Instrumental)

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Brave Girls, who has captured many fans’ interest with retro number “Do You Know” returns this month with a new mini-album titled, “Back To Da Future”. As the album title suggests, the songs included in this album, starting from the intro to the very last track, follows this theme through strong colors and style. The title track is “Easily”, a medium tempo reggae number with an addictive melody anyone can easily sing along to. Stony Skunk’s Skul1’s participation in the intro of the song is also expected to garner much interest. Also included in the album are “When Rain Falls”, a sad tale about breaking up with a love at a time of rain and “Hurts a Lot”, a solo track by the leader and main vocal of the group, Eun Young.


Infinite Vol. 1 – Over the Top (released)

01 Over the Top
02 Be Mine
03 1/3
04 Tic Toc
05 Julia
06 Because (Sungkyu Solo)
07 Time (Woohyun Solo)
08 Amazing
09 Crying (Infinite H Feat. Baby Soul)
10 Real Story

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Dance group, Infinite releases its first full-length album, “Over the Top” this month. There are a total of ten tracks which showcase the boys’ upgraded image. The title track is “Be Mine”, a Sweetune masterpiece. This powerful synth pop dance number incorporates Euro-pop sounds which were popular in the 80’s. The catchy lyrics about situations between a man and a woman are expected to garner listeners’ interest. Also included in the album are urban pop track, “1/3”, classic retro pop song “Tic Toc”, as well as solo numbers “Because” sung by Sungkyu and “Time” sung by Woohyun.


Hwanhee Vol. 1 – Hwanhee (July 28)

01 Temptation (Intro)
02 All day
03 Feel Like Dying
04 Without Knowing
05 Yesterday (Original Hwanhee Version)
06 Nightmare
07 Stranger
08 T By Tears
09 Love You Love You (feat. Seyong)
10 Breakup Taught By You

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Hwanhee, who has been showing his own color the past two years as a solo artist finally makes a comeback a year later with his first full-length album. The artist took part in producing the album himself and many composers from the likes of Lee Sang In, Jo Jun Young, Bae Jin Ryul, Chi Woo, Goo Ja Kyung, and Kang Hwa Sung took part in the album as well. The title track is “Feel Like Dying”, an emotional R&B ballad number that brings out Hwanhee’s vocal skills. From the intro, the artists’ talents can be heard in minor key. Jo Jun Young, who wrote this track is also responsible for writing DBSK’s “Breakup”, Super Junior’s “Breakup is Easy For You” and f(x)’s “ME+U”.


Homme – Home By “Hitman” Bang (July 25)

01 Laughing Because I’m a Guy
02 Obvious Love Song
03 I Was Able to Eat Well

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Homme (Lee Hyun and Changmin) makes a comeback this summer with their second project work following their hit debut track “I Was Able to Eat Well”. The title track this time around is “Laughing Because I’m a Guy”, the perfect song for fans who wanted to see more from the two singers. There are a total of three tracks – two new songs as well as hit number “I Was Able to Eat Well”.


Teen Top 1st mini-album – Roman (July 27)

01 Don’t Spray Perfume
02 Beautiful Girl
03 First Kiss
04 Back of My Hand is Grazing Past You
05 Tell Me Why
06 Don’t Spray Perfume (INST)

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Teen Top, who has shown their ever so powerful performances through “Clap” and “Supa Love” returns with their first mini-album, “Roman” this summer. The album was produced by Bang Shi Hyuk and there are songs composed by hit maker Park Chang Hyun and Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, upgrading the album all the more. The title track is “Don’t Spray Perfume”, a dance number with trendy beats and melody.

Other Releases:
Lee Jin Wook – Vol. 3 A Summer Place (July 25)
Lee Jung Min – Polaris (July 25)
Schizo – Bomb Bomb Bomb (July 25)
2PM – This is For My Hottest: 1st Concert DVD (July 25)
Blue Code Wine – Vol. 1 Acoustic Dream (July 25)
Mrs. Lui – Vol. 1 (July 26)
Bom – First Single Album: You Aren’t There (July 28)
Eastern Sidekick – Second EP Album (July 28)
Hazzi & Eri – Flowers Bloomed (July 28)

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