"Spy Myung Wol" Episode 6 Preview

Check out the preview for the upcoming episode!

Soon Oak: (aka Myung Wol’s “mom”): You don’t think she really fell for him…do you?

Myung Wol: No way…just because my heart beats…doesn’t mean I like him…

Kang Woo: Hey!
Kang Woo: What?….What’s wrong with her…

Myung Wol: Relax…relax….

Producer: If he doesn’t show, we’ll have to cancel the recording…
Jae In (Head of Star Entertainment): What happened?!
Dae Kang (Kang Woo’s manager): He’s not here…
Myung Wol: His phone is off….
Jae In: What were you doing? Why didn’t you keep your eyes on him?

Jae In: He must have gone to the mountains…
Myung Wol: The mountains?
Jae In: There’s a place he goes to whenever he has something on his mind…

Kang Woo: Why is it pouring so much?

Soon Oak: : Comrade Myung Wol personally went to find him?

Soon Oak: Do you think she’s had a change of heart?

Kang Woo: Ahh….

Kang Woo: You…how did you?…
Myung Wol: I found the target.

Kang Woo: You came all the way here because you were worried of me?
Myung Wol: If there’s a problem…my neck is on the line…you don’t think I would have come?

In Ah: They’re still not here?
Kyung Joo (In Ah’s stylist): Myung Wol…his body guard went to find him…
In Ah: What?!

In Ah: I can’t just sit and watch you two anymore…

Soon Oak and Hee Bok (Myung Wol’s “parents”): Dating rumors~~~~

Hee Bok: Dating rumors…then marriage announcement~

General Kim Young Tak (of North Korea): This is it! Even a month is too long…I think we’ll be able to complete the mission within a week~

In Ah: Are you brave or stupid?
In Ah: You don’t think I know what you’re up too? 
In Ah: You’re just trying to change your fortune by luring guys

Kang Woo: Move over this instant!

Spy Myung Wol” will air its sixth episode tonight, July 26th, on KBS at 9:55PM KST. 




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