How Stars React in the Face of Awkwardness

Lights, Camera, Action!

Stars are always at the center of attention. The public’s ever growing interest always has celebrities center stage. The moment that celebrities step into the spotlight, their nervousness can easily be seen especially through their facial expressions.

For example, the most popular sign: biting the lips (I’d say almost all stars do this, at one point or another).

Second, the awkwardness in the voice when answering a question. It makes it even more awkward when a reporter is asking your co-star questions, and you have to just sit there.

Third, nervous laughter as an attempt to lighten up.

There are also phases to the awkwardness. First, the opening statement… Aw man!

At times like these, what do they do?
Bite their lips of course. Biting your lips gives you something to do while you assess how awkward the situation really is. Then you take a sip (or two, or five) of water to quench those dry lips. That’s when the facial expression starts to harden.

All newcomers go through this. T-ara‘s Hyomin, at a press conference for her movie “Ghastly”. Mickey Yoo Chun at the  2011 Seoul Drama Awards. Their toughened facial expressions and lips gave them away. Even veteran actors fall victim to anxiety. For example, the veteran actor Hwang Jung Min at a press conference for his movie “Moby Dick” could not mask his nervousness.


                                                                Question Time: Eh oh. What to do?!

After the initial personal introduction, stars sit down (or stand up) to have their pictures taken by numerous flashing cameras while reporters from all over ask questions. At first, the questions are simple and the answers fairly short and sweet.

As things progress, however, awkwardness starts to creep in. They take a sip out of the bottle of lukewarm water on the table. They fluttter their eyes wide. When the questions stop being directed toward them, they try to maintain a relaxed posture.

Jung Ryeo Won, while promoting her movie “Sleeping With the Enemy”, kept on drinking water throughout the whole evening (how many times did she have to pee that night?). She even stuck out her tongue out a few times.

Other celebs with similar symptoms? Kara‘s Ji Young at K-Pop’s Cover Dance Special. Hyorin at “Immortal Song 2”. After School‘s Uee while promoting “Ojakgyo Brothers”. Lee Da Hae for “Ms. Ripley”.

                                                              Humor Time: I can’t hold in my laughter!

As the awkwardness seems like it’s finally setting in, it’s time for some laughs. Cracking a few jokes can turn the mood 180 degrees around. After all, when isn’t laughter the answer?

Some people laugh so hard that they can’t even finish answering the question…

Lee Dong Wook, while promoting “Scent of a Woman” had to clutch his abdominals to stop laughing at Kim Sun Ah. He laughed to the point where his gums could be seen. Ha Ji Won at a press conference for “Sector 7” fell under Park Chul Min‘s humor spell- you could see her uvula! Han Ye Seul at a press conference for “Spy Myeong Wul” laughed until she cried.

                                                              Time to end this: I’m going out strong.

When the press conference draws to a close and all is said and done, stars begin to grow a little weary. Their energy has been sapped, and they are ready to get out of there. The focus in their eyes starts to fade. There seems to be something on their mind. This is when you can see that far away look in their eyes. When the attention is drawn away and everything is done, they can sigh in relief. 

Well done, stars. It’s okay, everyone gets nervous! Hwaiting guys!