New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 September Week 1

Kara Vol. 3 – Step (September 6)

01 Ey! Oh! (Intro)
02 Step
03 Rider
04 Strawberry
05 Follow Me
06 Date (My Boy)
07 I…(Ing) (Acoustic Version)
08 Kara 4 U
09 Step (INST)
10 Dear Kamilia (Bonus Track)

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Hallyu star, Kara returns to Korea with their third full-length album, “Step”, ten months since their fourth mini-album, “Jumping”. The title track is “Step”, a Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Su production. This sweet number is of the rock and electronic genre and has polished synth sounds. Listeners will be able to hear matured voices of the five members through this song.


Various Artists – The Ywho Voice (released)

01 Doo Bi Doo Ba – Bebe Mignon
02 Love You Honey – Mi
03 Love Tonight – 4Men
04 Doo Bi Doo Ba INST
05 Love You Honey INST
06 Love Tonight INST

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4Men, Mi, and Bebe Mignon have come together for Yoon Min Su’s summer project, “The Ywho Voice”. The title track is “Love Tonight” featuring talented vocal group, 4Men. Unlike their usual songs, it is an exciting dance track composed by rookie composer, Kim Byung Suk. Skilled rapper, Big Tone also takes part in the rap portion of the song, making it groovier.


Protect The Boss OST (September 8)

01 Just Let Us Love (Apink)
02 Don’t Even Know (Lyn)
03 Will Protect You (JYJ)
04 Asking (M.Street)
05 See Only You (Yewon&Kwanghee)
06 Sad Song Is (Heo Young Saeng (SS501))
07 Because of You (Hyu Woo)
08 Now I Know (Son Hyun Woo)
09 Just Let Us Love (INST)
10 Don’t Even Know (INST)
11 Will Protect You (INST)
12 Asking (INST)
13 See Only You (INST)
14 Sad Song Is (INST)
15 Because of You (INST)
16 Now I Know (INST)

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Top K-pop artists including JYJ, Lyn, Apink, and Heo Young Saeng (SS501) have participated in the soundtrack for the hit drama series, “Protect the Boss”. Korea’s renowned composers from the likes of Rado and Won Taek, who produced MBLAQ’s hit songs, “Stay” and “Mona Lisa” also took part in this quality soundtrack. This album consists of eight songs and their respective instrumentals.


Girl’s Day (single) – Party #4 (released)

01 Don’t Let Your Eyes Wonder
02 Don’t Let Your Eyes Wonder (DJ Stereo Club Mix)

Girl’s Day excites fans with a surprise party this month with their fourth single, “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander”. It is a cute song about a girl telling her boyfriend to not look at any other girls besides her. The song was composed by Nam Gi Sang, who also wrote the girls’ previous hit numbers, “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Just Hug Me Once.” Also included is a remix version of the song which has strong beats and rock and disco elements.


Young Joon (Brown Eyed Soul) (single) – Sizzle Season 1 Sunny Side Up (released)

01 Pray (feat. Molly. D, Du Hun)
02 Pray INST

Korea’s top producers Kim Gun Woo and Bugs have released part one of their Sizzle Project album. Featuring Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul, the song. “Pray” is an urban pop number with repetitive guitar sounds and house beats. It is a song about unrequited love.

Other Releases:
Mahogany King – Mahogany King (September 5)
Blue Salt OST (September 5)
Bnw – Set a Machine (September 6)
MC Dohdih – Happy New Ear (September 6)
Lunatic – Vol. 1 – Under the Same Sky (September 6)
Pia – Pentagram (September 6)
Kwon Ooyoo – Eat and Sleep (September 7)
Shim Gyu Sun / Epitone Project – Room For Only You (September 7)
Purple Sweet – A Delight Travel (September 8)
B2lady – Happy Birthday (September 8)

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