Musical "Fame" to Open First Round of Ticket Sales Soon

The musical “Fame” is about to open their first round of ticket sales by Korean ticket selling company Show Time.

Featuring K-Pop stars such as Son Ho Young, Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Tiffany (SNSD), Lina (CSJH), Jungmo (TRAX), and Kon, it has been predicted to attract international fans across Asia. A ticket buying war for this musical is stated to be inevitable.

“Fame” is a world renown musical. From 1995 to 2006, it has reached over 4 million people while being performed in 16 different countries and has undergoing more than 300 different productions.

Through exciting and glittery performance numbers and powerful dance routines, this musical sends out a inspiring message to never give up on your dreams. These are ingredients that make ‘Fame’ a world favorite.

With energetic dances, a variety of music genres, heart warming music, and youth inspiring message this musical also features top notch acting, ballet, violin, and various wind instrument performances. An abundance of a variety of characters and performers will have a dramatic effect.

The version of “Fame” that will start on November 25 in Korea will have a modern, fast paced feel that fits into current Korean society that can relate easily with those that come to watch. Passion for dreams, difficulties of love and hope are all themes that are worked in to stir the hearts of the audience.

The show will open on November 25 at the Woori Geum Yoongah Art Hall.