Which Idols Would JYP and YG Take From Each Other?

Imagine a world where G-Dragon was in 2PM or if Fei was in 2NE1, can you imagine it? On the September 7 episode of SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment the CEO’s of YG and JYP played a little game discussing the idols they would scout from each other’s companies. They had to respond to a question from the MC, who asked:

“Which singers from the other agency would you like to scout?”

JYP CEO, Park Jin Young’s first choice was not one you would immediately presume. I am sure most of you would immediately think of someone like G-Dragon but his first choice was 1TYM‘s Teddy. This, however, is a well thought out choice on Mr. Park’s part. “There is one person who I would like the most. I don’t just want him as a celebrity — I’m thinking that he would produce songs for other singers, too.”

For his second and third choice he chose two of the top idols in the YG company, choosing Big Bang‘s Taeyang as number two, and 2NE1‘s Sandara Park, “Dara,” as number three. About Taeyang he said, “He’s so good at dancing and singing, so I think it’d be fun to record together.” About his third choice, he gave an explanation that even got a response from YG’s CEO “She has a strong charm about her that you can’t see in other female celebrities.”

YG CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, replied, “Sandara Park’s nickname is ‘The girl from Mars’. She doesn’t seem like she’s from Earth. I’ve been watching her for several years, but still, every time I see her, she doesn’t seem like she’s from our planet.”

Yang Hyun Suk then revealed his three picks, which in turn revealed that he likes cute idols, and that has paid attention to JYP audition programming. His first choice was the highly charismatic individual that is 2PM‘s Nichkhun. About his first choice he said “Nichkhun came from overseas. He is very good-looking and cute. I like Nichkhun.”

He then moved on to his second choice, which revealed that he pays attention to the idols under JYP, and his audition programs. His second choice was Sunye from the Wonder Girls, a girl he certainly seem enamored with,and about this choice he said “A long time ago, J.Y. Park had an audition program. I liked Sunye since then. She was so pretty that I thought to myself that I would like to raise her.”

His final choice is an idol that is making a great impression on all, not only in music but also in acting. After playing one of the main characters in the drama Dream High, Miss A’s Suzy, has become a hot commodity, as well as being his third and final choice. “These days, Suzy is catching my eye.”

I was actually surprised by the choices of the CEO’s, but at the end of the day, despite their fun answers, they think about business before thinking as a fan. If you were the CEO of one of these companies, who would you scout to your company?