2PM’s Nichkhun Gets a New Nickname

Known for melting hearts with his cute smiling eyes, Nichkhun got a new nickname: “Man with burning competitiveness.”

SBS’s E!TV “2PM Show” that will air on Sept. 10 will consist of members giving each other comical awards that describe each other’s characters and all the while giving each member a new nickname. 

Because Chansung is always showing off his strong stamina, he received the “All-powerful Rock of Steel Award.” For constantly exuberating confidence, Junho was given the “Galactic Drive Award.” Awards like these that described each member’s strong points and talents are to be given out during this episode. 

However, the focus is on Nichkhun who is competitive in any game they play. He is to receive the “Burning Competitiveness Award.” The once called “Prince Nichkhun,” has become “Firework Boy,” which symbolizes a radiating energy. 

Nickhun showed fierce focus and competition from the start. During the first game of the first episode, the “mini-ping ping” game was won by no other than Nichkhun. Even during the “lemon eating game” without a single wince Nichkhun placed first. There are many other games including the “blow out candles with nose” that Nichkhun demonstrated a burning competitive drive that truly fits his new found nickname. 

Fans and viewers can watch 2PM show off all 6 members’ characters through the “2PM Show Awards” this coming Sept. 10 at 11PM on SBS Plus and on Sept. 11 12PM on SBS E!TV.