Tiger JK Shows Affection for Wife Tasha

Rapper Tiger JK updated his Twitter with a touching message. In the September 8 post the star rapper wrote, “She is so pretty. I am talking about the girl who is sitting next to me.” His Tweet was in reference to his wife Yoon Mi Rae aka Tasha.

It is well-known that Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae are happily married. This message just further affirms that fact as he displays his affection for her to the public. Yoon Mi Rae, also a singer and rapper, and Tiger JK have been married since 2007. They have one son named Jordan Seo who was born a year later in 2008.

Readers had positive comments saying, “I envy this couple,” “They make me want to get married,” and “I can only find this type of love in the movies. You two are so lucky.”