Who Will Turn Into the Spy on SBS "Running Man"?


SBS’s “Running Man – Chuseok Special” airing on September 11 will feature Gary as the spy, the production crew revealed. It said, “This episode will show Gary and the other running men partaking in a cutthroat and intense battle of the minds.” 

This episode will take place in a large mall located in Seoul, and the staff has given Gary the mission of being the spy. He has to trick and deceive all of the other members while carrying out missions of his own. It seems as though Gary’s constant wish of being the “main character” on the show has been finally granted. 

As Gary receives his mission he states confidently, “The time has finally come. I’ll show everyone what it means to be a real spy.” 

However, all the other Running Man members arrived on set before Gary, and the situation became pretty obvious. It won’t be Gary deceiving the other members, but the situation will be staged to trick Gary into thinking that everyone does not know he is the spy. 

Due to Gary’s amusing excuses and awkward moments while trying to complete his missions, the other Running Man members stated, “He’s so awkward that it all shows!” “Today he can’t seem to make eye contact with anyone while he’s talking.” It is rumored that members had a hard time fighting their laughter filming this day.