Ghost Voice Heard in Sung Si Kyung’s New Song?

Among a number of songs that have been released onto music sites from Sung Si Kyung‘s 7th album, “Oh My Goddess” has been gaining shocking attention because of what sounds like a ghost on the track. 

On a community site on Sept. 8, netizens have claimed that a ghost’s voice could be heard in the song “Oh My Goddess.” They stated, “In the middle of an instrumental portion of the song a faint sound of a girl’s voice can be heard.”

Sung Si Kyung’s company stated that there is no possibility of a featured female artist, and that there is no other female voice that was added into the song. 

There is a circulating rumor that it could be “noise marketing.” Listeners of this song are to check whether or not this rumor is true.  

Sung Si Kyung has returned after three years with album “First,” which is to be released on Sept. 17. This album, which was worked on with singer and song writers Yoon Sang and Kim Hyun Cheol, consists of 12 songs total.