[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" – Sept. 10th Episode

NichkhunVictoria : Maldives fantasy♥

They have been waiting for today! The last day in the Maldives, the Khuntoria Couple freely goes about and enjoys their vacation for just two of them. The couple goes to an island with no one on it and has fun playing games They also go snorkelling within the emerald coloured Maldives sea but…

Later, they decide to do the Maldives “Self” Wedding Shoot that Victoria has been fantasising about.The couple makes a splendid entrance but during this romantic wedding shoot, what is the incident that cause the Khuntoria couple to fall into chaos?

Will Nichkhun and Victoria be able to successfully finish their Maldives Wedding Shoot?

Jang Woo♡Eun Jung : Lets go on an MT~!

(MT stands for Membership Training and it’s a vacation for new recruits to get to know each other)

Woo-Jung Couple goes on a late summer vacation together with their Dongguk University friends! Today’s MT location is Kangwon Province, What happens in the car on the way there? Also Eun Jung’s beautiful and closest female friend will be arriving later and Jang Woo and the Guys begin to speculate endlessy about who it might be.

Woo-Jung Couple and friends finally arrive in Kangwon Province! Who is the beautiful female friend that has shown up in front of them? What kind of events will occur Woo-Jung Couple and Friends’ Kangwon Province MT?


Won Joon♡So Hyun : Raising kids is difficult(?)

So-Won Couple is enjoying a vacation at Chunpyung with Kim Jin Pyo-Yoon Ju Ryun Couple! Then, Jin Pyo reveals another past story about Won Joon, what will So Hyun’s response be? Afterwards, So-Won Couple decide to look after the kids so their friends can enjoy a lovely time together. So-Won Couple is full of confidence that they could look after the kids. Will they be able to look after the four- and two-year-old siblings?

During this, So Hyun starts to make Soojaebi (A clear soup with small pieces of dough) to eat with the kids! She entrusts Won Joon and the Kids to make the dough. Will they be able to successfully make Soojaebi and enjoy it? And what are So-Won couples endless list(?) of methods to look after kids?


DavidRi Sae : David-Ri Sae couple is reborn as the rising stars of athletics?!

David and Ri Sae couple receives secret and special training to prepare for the “Idol Star Athletics Championship” The couple is surprised by their coaches for the day, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Dong Jun, as their demonstrations look like they are actually competing in the championship. The couple reaffirms their resolve and practices in a wide variety of athletic events. 

While diligently receiving training, David shows a talent for the high jump! He even surpasses special coach ZE:A’s Dong Jun and surprises Ri Sae, what kind of skills did he show? Meanwhile, David has prepared a lunch set as a present for Ri Sae’s Birthday! Due to the unexpected(?) birthday present, Not only is Ri Sae flustered but so are Dong Jun and Kwang Hee.

David and Ri Sae couple have shown off a surprising(?) amount of skills. What kind of results will they get after doing this special training in preparation for the couple’s first appearance on a variety show together? Will the couple be able to successfully finish the “Idol Star Athletics Championship”?

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