Minzy Displays Her Hand-Made Jacket Through Twitter

2NE1’s resident maknae, Minzy, is getting in touch with her inner fashion designer lately. On September 9, Minzy tweeted a photo revealing a jacket that she made herself. “It may still be incomplete, but I am will finish making this by fall so I can wear it around.”

The focus of the picture was the black leather jacket decorated with text that Minzy was working on. Along with the jacket being designed herself, it is attracting attention because of the unique material it was crafted with.

Minzy had started working on her recent project last spring. The jacket is a hot topic as netizens reacted saying, “I’m surprised that Gong Minzy created the jacket herself,” “She can design costumes,” and “I want to wear a Minzy original jacket.”

What do you think of Minzy’s handy work?