DBSK’s Yunho Swarmed by Fans in New York

DBSK’s Yunho garners attention even in New York. Revealed on an online community board, the picture was released with the title “U-Know Yunho Fan-taken picture in New York” on September 9.

In the picture, Yunho is spotted being swarmed by international fans inside a Lacoste store, sporting black-rimmed glasses making him look insightful. It appears that Yunho headed to New York to attend the launching of Lacoste’s “New York Collection.” The picture was taken at a Lacoste retail store located in Manhattan of New York.

Netizens who saw the picture made commentaries such as “World star Yunho,” “Where’s Changmin?,” “He stands out no matter where he goes,” and “He looks amazing.”

Meanwhile, it appears to be that fellow member Changmin was not able to attend the event. 

Source: Money Today via Naver