2NE1’s Dara Keeps Fans Laughing During Chuseok Holidays

The well-known Sandara Park (of 2NE1) is hard at work as “head of public relations” throughout even the Chuseok holidays.

Yesterday Dara updated her me2day with an interesting story of her driving around by herself and how she ended up getting lost!

As told by Dara, here is how the story went, “I decided to visit Cheongfam Dong Shop for a head massage, to give my head a much needed break from all these crazy hairstyles I’ve been wearing lately. I’m familiar with the area, so I chose to casually drive there on my own. I’m confident I know the way by heart…the shop is in front of Seung Su Bridge…or Yung Dong Bridge…When I finally looked around, I had driven across Yung Dong Bridge! In a panic, I quickly called Changme (a nickname for 2NE1’s manager). He then directed me to make a U-turn as soon as I could…But where could I make a U-turn?  I failed to find a place where I was able to turn around; I continued to drive until I had reached the Lotte World and even further still to the Garak Market. Uh oh! Eventually, somehow, I was able to make it to the shop safe and sound, but what a long detour I took.  I feel my whole body might need a break instead of just my head after all of this.”

Dara continues to make fans laugh with her stories even during the holidays.

Sandara had been appointed “head of public relations” by 2NE1’s agency, YG Entertainment, for her diligent communication with her fans and spreading knowledge of 2NE1 to those who may not be familiar with the group.