Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2011 – September Week 2

Despite dropping in scores, SISTAR’s “So Cool” has widened the gap on its competitors and become No. 1 for the second straight week. SISTAR is still looking for a win in TV station music programs, but their scores are balanced enough from all sources that they are clear No. 1 on our chart this week. We mentioned last week that all No. 1 songs in recent months spent two weeks max on top. Let see if SISTAR can break this spell next week.

Infinite’s “Be Mine” moves back up to No. 2 this week, carrying on the strength that this song was No. 1 on MNet’s M!Countdown. It was Infinite’s first win on a music program. “Be Mine” has been strong in the top five for many weeks now despite strong competitions coming and going every week. This song has become a fixture among the top.

We have three new songs in the top 10 this week, leading by G.na’s “Top Girl”. This song debuted just outside of the top 10 last week, but moves up eight spots to No. 3 this week. Great chance to become our new No. 1 song. G.na who debuted just last year has risen fast to become one of the top female soloists in Korea now. “Top Girl”, which was co-composed by hit maker Kim Do Hun and producer Lee Sang Ho and penned by Wheesung. The addictive, strong melodies and polished sounds show G.Na’s confidence as the title suggests.

Coming into the top 10 at No. 8 is hip-hop duo Lee Ssang’s new song “Guy’s Like Me’s Answer Is You”. This song was banned by KBS for negativity in its lyrics but it doesn’t affect its popularity. In fact, all songs from Lee Ssang’s latest album Asura Balbalta have dominated online music charts and also sales charts. Even though Lee Ssang has not made any appearances to promote this album yet, they are in the top 10.

At No. 10 is our highest debut this week, from Davichi’s long awaited comeback song “Don’t Say Goodbye”. Many new girl groups have debuted after Davichi but the duo of Kang Min Kyung and Lee Hae Ri is still very strong in popularity. “Don’t Say Goodbye” has modern instruments and piano in medium tempo. The song emphasizes Lee Hae Ri’s emotional yet powerful vocals while matching Kang Min Kyung’s soulful voice. The song is about saying goodbye to a lover in Davichi’s own colors.

SOOMPI CHART for 2011, Month 9, Week 2

1. (–) SISTAR – So Cool ***2nd Week @ No. 1***
Score: 882
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Brave Brothers / Lyrics: Brave Brothers
Album: SISTAR Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


2. (+2) Infinite – 내꺼 하자 (Be Mine)
Score: 809
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Kim Seung Soo, Han Jae Ho / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
Album: Infinite Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


3. (+8) G.na – Top Girl
Score: 790
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho / Lyrics: Wheesung
Album: G.na mini-album Vol. 2 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


4. (-2) Super Junior – Mr. Simple
Score: 738
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Yoo Young Jin / Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin
Album: Super Junior Vol. 5 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


5. (+1) Dal★shabet – 블링 블링 (Bling Bling)
Score: 695
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: E-Tribe / Lyrics: E-Tribe
Album: DalShabet mini-album Vol. 3 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


6. (-1) 2NE1 – Ugly
Score: 588
Genre: R&B Ballad

Music: Teddy, Lydia Paek / Lyrics: Teddy
Album: 2NE1 mini-album Vol. 2 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


7. (-4) Miss A – Goodbye Baby
Score: 577
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Park Jin Young / Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: Miss A Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


8. (+7) Lee Ssang – 나란 놈은 답은 너다 (Guy Like Me’s Answer Is You (feat. Harim))
Score: 544
Genre: Hip-Hop

Music: / Lyrics:
Album: Lee Ssang Vol. 7 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


9. (–) CS Numbers – 가슴으로 운다 (Cry With the Heart)
Score: 534
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Oh Sung Hoon / Lyrics: Oh Sung Hoon
Album: December & J-Cera digital single “Love Harmony”
Watch: MV


10. (new) Davichi – 안녕이라고 말하지 마 (Don’t Say Goodbye)
Score: 509
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Jun Hae Sung / Lyrics: Jun Hae Sung
Album: Davichi Mini Album – Love Delight | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


Rank Artist Song Score
11 T-Ara (-4) 롤리 폴리 (Roly Poly) 504
12 Teen Top (+1) 향수 뿌리지마 (Don’t Spray Perfume) 424
13 Koyote (-1) Good Good Time 405
14 10cm (–) 안아줘요 (Give Me A Hug) 348
15 Seo In Kook (-7) Shake It Up 345
16 Verbal Jint (new) 좋아보여 (You Look Happy (feat. Black Skirts)) 343
17 Park Jung Hyun, So Hyang, Lee Young Hyun (–) Mermaid 302
18 Nine Muses (+14) 휘가로 (Figaro) 277
19 MBLAQ (-9) Mona Lisa 263
20 Kim Jun Su (–) You Are So Beautiful 256
21 Yim Jae Bum (new) 통증 (Pain) 255
22 Hwan Hee (–) 죽을 것만 같아 (Feels Like Dying) 251
23 Bi (-7) 부산여자 (Busan Woman) 240
24 Girl’s Day (new) 너, 한눈 팔지마! (Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander!) 218
25 4men (new) Love Tonight 214
26 Kim Tae Woo (-2) 사랑에 빠지다 (Falling In Love) 191
27 Zi-A (+1) 그리고 사랑해 (And I Love You) 185
28 U-Kiss (new) Neverland 184
29 Brave Girls (+4) 툭하면 (Easily) 176
30 Young Joon (Brown Eyed Soul) (new) Pray (feat. Molly. D, Doo Hoon) 176
31 Jaurim (-12) Idol 160
32 JK Kim Dong Wook (+5) 버킷리스트 (Bucket List) 159
33 Kim Jae Joong (-6) 지켜줄께 (Will Protect You) 158
34 Ha Dong Kyun & Lee Jung (+1) 기다릴게 (Will Wait) 150
35 Homme (-17) 남자니까 웃는 거야 (Laughing Because I’m A Guy) 139
36 Baek Ji Young (-7) 오늘도 사랑해 (Love You Today Too) 138
37 Hyuna (-14) Bubble Pop 135
38 Suki (-2) 긴 사랑 (Long Love) 134
39 Defconn (-14) 랩퍼들이 헤어지는 방법 Part.Ⅱ (The Way Rappers Break Up Part.Ⅱ) 113
40 Chocolat (new) 신드롬 (Syndrome) 104
41 Secret (+4) 별빛 달빛 (Starlight Moonlight) 98
42 Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama) (-4) 화답 (Reciprocate) 97
43 Ali (-2) 밥그릇 (Rice Bowl) 90
44 Yoon Jong Shin (new) 니 생각 (Do You Think It’s) 83
45 NS Yoon Ji (-11) 또 보고 싶어 (Want To See You Again) 81
46 Jang Ki Ha & Faces (+1) 그렇고 그런 사이 (Be In Such A Relationship) 80
47 CSJH (Dana & Sunday) (-21) 나 좀 봐줘 (One More Chance) 69
48 Stellar (-2) Rocket Girl 68
49 M Street (new) 넥타이를 풀고 (Taking My Tie Off) 67
50 Chi Chi (-2) Longer 62





In this segment we go back in time to re-visit charts of the same week in past years. The Soompi music chart began in January 2005. At first we had only 20 songs and was later expanded to 50 songs.

Although his image took a nosedive recently about avoding military service (those accusation was cleared earlier this year), MC Mong is a revolutionary figure in bringing Korean hip-hop music to mainstream. Originally from the hip-hop group People’s Crew, MC Mong later became an all around entertainer. His albums always follow this formula: the title song is uptempo and fun hip-hop beat, and the follow up song is a hip-hop style ballad where he invited many famous ballad artists to do the vocal part along with his rapping. “I Love You Oh Thank You” is from MC Mong’s second album “His Story” and is perhaps the most successful of his hip-hop ballads. This song features the vocal of Kim Tae Woo. It spent three weeks on top of our chart from August Week 5 to September Week 2 in 2005, and is also one of the most popular k-pop hit songs that year.

External from soompi image

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About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings. It takes into account not only sales and rankings by various other charts in Korea, but also airplays of each song, the number of live performances and appearances, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop. Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
GAON Music Chart – 15%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Naver, Monkey3, Daum, Cyworld, Soribada) – 15%
ChartKorea – 5%  
Hottracks Weekly Album Sales (1 weeks lag) – 10%
SBS (Inky Gayo Take 7 + SBS Mill weekly rankings) – 10%
MBC Inky Top 100 Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
MNet M!Countdown – 5%

Gasoo appearance on gayo shows (MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, M!Countdown) – 10%

Thanks to Mardi09 for helping on this week’s internet chart research and motoway065 for song title translations.

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