Shin Min Ah & Hong Soo Hyun in a CF Eleven Years Ago

A CF that Hong Soo Hyun and Shin Min Ah took together eleven years ago is gaining attention among netizens.

September 7, on a video uploading community site a video entitled “Hong Soo Hyun & Shin Min Ah, CF when they were rookies” was uploaded.

These two stars in year 2000 shot a commercial for a certain drink (looks like water) and radiated young and fresh charms. They don’t seem to look much different now than they did then, but then again there does seem to be something different that we can’t seem to put a finger on. In the second half of the CF they ask the sales person, “can you live without water?” in a silly way that makes the CF comical.

Netizens replied, “I remember that. That saying was a big trend back then.” “I don’t know about water but I know I can’t live without Shin Min Ah.” “They both don’t look much different.”

Hong Soo Hyun currently is a part of KBS’s Wednesday & Thursday drama “The Princess’ Man.”

Do they look the same to you? Watch the CF below!